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Musashi 8,000 Layer Damascus Look Chris Zhou Japanese Katana Sword

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"When two tigers fight one ends up injured, the other dead."


This is the Hand Forge Folded Damascus Look Steel Chris Zhou 8,000 Layer Tiger & Dragon Katana. The sword has been masterfully forged by Chris Zhou. All parts of the Katana are authentic and created according to tradition. The sword has 8,000 layers, a clay hamon, a full tang and is fully functional.

Please note that the Samurai Warrior now comes on the Tsuba, not the Tiger.

The Katana includes: A Sword Bag, Collectors Box, and Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed by forge folding, giving it a look similar to the lost Damascus Steel folding technique. By hand the sword smith painstakingly stacks and forges individual layers of steel. This technique can be easily seen by the unique patterning of the steel on the blade. Traditionally this wood like grain pattern is known as the Water Mark. This blade has 8,000 Layers. The Damascus pattern is very subtle and not treated with any chemicals.
  • The blade has been forged in a Kobuse Lamination. The core steel is is a medium carbon steel with a high carbon steel jacket.
  • The blade has been differentially tempered to further harden the blade. This is achieved by quenching the blade of the sword.
  • A clay covering has been used to cover the body of the blade with the Ha (cutting edge) left exposed. The sword was then heated in the forge and dipped into water. The clay covering allows the body of the sword to cool more slowly than the Ha. Due to this process the Ha becomes extremely hard. The actual molecules of the Ha expand, bending back the rest of blade to give the sword its signature curve. This process also creates the hamon of the sword. The spine of the sword has been hardened in the quenching, but still remains flexible in comparison to the Ha.
  • The tang of the sword has been signed by Chris Zhou and Sam Sung.The blade comes Full Tang and Razor Sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya is wooden with a black piano lacquer finish. A silk Sageo has been tied around the brass fitted Kurigata. The Koiguchi has been constructed from black bull horn.
  • Tsuba: The Habaki is a one piece brass construction with the Musashi logo imprinted into the brass. Brass Seppa secure the blade of the sword in the Tsuba. The actual Tsuba has been constructed from blackened copper. A tiger and dragon face each other in deep relief.
  • Tsuka: The Fuchi is brass with Kami (demon) throwing lightning. The Tsuka core is wooden with authentic Same (ray skin) and a black silk Ito. A single bamboo Mekugi secures the tang of the sword in the Tsuka. Two brass Menuki can be found on each side of the Tsuka. The Menuki are cast in the likeness of ken. The Kashira is brass with the same Kami.

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