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Factory Second Munetoshi T10 Hand Forged Folded Kobuse Katana Sword Monshou
Munetoshi T10 Hand Forged Folded Kobuse Katana Sword Monshou

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Item Description:

This item is listed as a factory second due to a chipped edge, and deep scratches on the shinogi-ji.  This item is able to be used functionally.

Please note that all sales on this item are final.

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The Monshou features a Forge Folded Kobuse Lamination with a traditional geometry. The design of the Katana has been inspired by the swords of the Japanese Warring States period. Swords from this period were designed to cut through armor and thus needed to have a strong, reinforced edge. Adding Niku was the solution to the blades being able to stand up to armor and not break. This blade features medium Niku along the Shinogiji of the blade allowing for heavier and harder cutting. The Niku keeps the blade thicker so the cuts will not be as swift and clean as a light cutter, but the the Ha will keep its cutting edge longer. The sword is appropriate for heavy Tameshigiri with tatami and bamboo.
  • Attributes of the Katana:
  • Detailed Specs of the Katana:
  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been forge folded using T10 carbon steel. The grain pattern shifts between Ayasugi-hada and Mokume-hada. The hamon has been clay tempered and is Notare.
  • The tip of the blade is a Chu Kissaki (medium length) with a Kaeri-Asashi temper line.
  • The blade is full tang and very sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya is wooden with a scratch resistant black matte finish. The koiguchi and sayajiri features bull horn. The Sageo is black chemical fiber in a Shigeuchi style.
  • Tsuka: The Tsuba is blackened steel and features a sukashi pattern of four mon or family crests. The Fuchikashira are also blackened steel. The Tsuka features double pinned Mekugi and brass menuki of rice. The tsuka features authentic samegawa with black Chemical Fiber Ito.
  • Note: Specs will vary slightly from sword to sword.

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