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Black Musashi Handmade Samurai Katana Sword 1060 Differential Harden Steel Sharp
Black Musashi Handmade Katana

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If a sword is indeed the soul of a Samurai, it is fitting for his sword to represent his ultimate goal: flexibility to all situations and the strength to pursue correct actions. This is the ideal of these legendary warriors.

Please note that the sword is constructed from 1060 carbon steel.
  • Blade: The blade of the sword is constructed from 1060 high carbon steel. The Hamon and curve of the blade have been authentically created. The curve of the blade has been created as a result of the forging and tempering process. When the blade is quenched the sword is covered with a clay solution, except for the edge of the blade. The blade is then heated and quenched in water drawn from the spring of Longquan. Since the Ha cools much more quickly than the rest of the blade the molecules in the steel expand and force the softer steel to fold back.
  • The blade is full tang and comes razor sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya of the sword has been constructed from hard wood with a high gloss black lacquer finish. The Sageo is black cotton tied over a brass kurigata. The Koiguchi has been hardened due to lacquering.
  • Tsuba: The Habaki of the sword is a one piece brass construction and serves to keep the tsuba in place. Two brass Seppas secure the Tsuba and keep it from moving or rattling. The actual tsuba has been constructed from blackened iron in a sukashi (cut out) design of bamboo branches.
  • Tsuka: The Fuchi is another blackened iron bamboo branch. The Tsuka is wooden with a white Same (ray skin) under black cotton Ito. The Menuki are bamboo branches. The Kashira is another blackened iron bamboo fitting. The Tsuka features double bamboo Mekugi to secure the nakago.

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