Letter Opener

Letter openers are a must have in today's society and what better way to open letters than with a miniature sword or knife letter opener? Knife or sword enthusiasts will surely find these letter openers functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

10 " Eiffel Tower Letter Opener Gift Knife Short Sword


10 " Eiffel Tower Letter Opener Dagger Display Stand -The Letter opener is highly detailed with a unique design. -An 8.25 " dagger pulls out of the top of the tower. -The dagger has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a very sharp point. -The...

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American Eagle Dagger Fantasy Bowie Gift Knife with Scab

$8.98 $7.98

Overall Length:13" Blade:Sharpened Blade Length:7.5" Blade Material:440 Stainless Steel Handle Length:5.25" Handle Material: Condition:Brand New American Eagle Dagger Bowie Knife W/ Sheath Attributes of the Dagger: Blade: The blade of the dagger has been...

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