We carry a large selection of machetes with blade styles from the bolo, kukri, spear point, or bush style. These machetes range from light weight for occasional use to heavy duty built to last blades.

Dual Full Tang Ninja Warrior Double Swords With Strap


This is a set of ninja sword placed in one sheath. The primary sword is 27" long with the smaller 18" sword resting on the front of the primary sword. The placement of the swords is ideal for carrying. The sword is a multipurpose tool perfect for...

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Dual Black Out Ninja Swords Two in One Sheath


The Ninja was first recorded in the 15th century as a warrior organization who practiced espionage and guerilla type warfare. The Ninja were hired for jobs that the Samurai, bound by Bushido, would not take on with dishonor. The Ninja was specialized in...

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27" Full Tang Black Blade Fantasy Ninja Sword w/ Sheath


The blade is painted black to blend into the shadows, and is light weight for fast accurate swings. The sword comes already sharpened and also features three blood grooves. The construction of the blade is unique with its aggressive false edge at the top...

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