Spring Assisted Knife

An assisted-opening knife is a type of folding knife which uses an internal mechanism to finish the opening of the blade once the user has partially opened it using a flipper or thumb stud attached to the blade. It's one hand operated.

Although commonly confused with switchblade knives, a switchblade can be opened automatically simply with the push of a button, but the user of an assisted-opening knife must open it about one-quarter of the way (45°) before the mechanism opens the knife the rest of the way.The difference is important legally; because the blade does not open simply "by the push of a button or by force of gravity" the assisted-opening knife is typically not considered a switchblade, and may escape the restrictions applying to those in many places.

Please check your local law before purchase.

Spring Assisted Opening Folding Knife with Jet Handle

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This is the Spring Assisted Opening Serrated Knife W/ Jet Handle. The blade is 440 Stainless Steel with a partial serration. The blade is secured by a steel liner lock. The handle of the knife features anodized steel with a golden jet and black chain...

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Assisted Opening Knife Serrated Pocket Folder with Gun Shape Handle. The blade is Surgical Steel with a thumb stud, partial serration, and drop point design. The handle of the knife is aluminum with a Gun Shape. The blade is secured by a steel liner lock...

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