Movie Collectibles: Armor and Swords

Do you think you have what it takes to fight zombies side-by-side with Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead? How about go to war among the 300 with your very own sword of the Immortals? Maybe you are more of a Tolkien fan and would love to have your very own Hobbit short sword. Our movie-themed collection of swords and weapons will satisfy your need to look the part. This unique collection contains movie replica swords, armor, and helmets from many great films and shows.


300 Spartan Warrior Wooden Sword Practice Props Plays 1

$11.98 $8.98

"This is where we fight! This is where they die!" -King Leonidas The sword is a close replica of the original with the semi open hand guard and curved blade. The sword is light enough to be whipped around like a pro. Contact with these swords is NOT...

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