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Handmade Functional Practical Samurai Sword Musashi
Handmade Functional Practical Samurai Sword Musashi

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Overall Length: 42.25 " Blade: Sharpened
Blade Length: 28.75 " Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 13.25 " Handle Material: Imitation Ray Skin
Condition: Brand New Accessories: Wooden Box & Sword Bag

Handmade Functional Practical Samurai Sword Musashi

Musashi was the greatest swords man of Japan. It has been recorded that he won no less than 60 sword duels and was never defeated. He was not only the best swordsman but also the author of the book Of Five Rings, teacher of his sword art and talented artist. Musashi was a Samurai in all aspects of the word, and the world may never see another of his caliber.

Attributes of the Katana:

Blade: The blade of the sword has been hand made with High Carbon Steel. The Carbon has been hammered out through the blade so that it has a universal hardness throughout the entire blade. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to even out the weight and give audible feedback. The sword comes full tang with an O-Kissake.

Scabbard: The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a high gloss black lacquer finish. Wrapped around the upper half of the scabbard is a black cotton sageo.

Guard: The guard of the sword begins with a bronze blade collar (Habaki). The actual guard is blackened steel in the double ring design, the exact same design as the great Musashi. Each side of the guard is secured by a bronze spacer (Seppa), this fitting is only found on hand crafted swords.

Handle: The sword is full tang and secured by two wooden pins in the handle of the sword. Wrapped over the tang of the sword is imitation ray held in place by two steel pins (Menuki) shaped like dragons. Over the ray skin is a black cotton wrap for the best in comfort and grip. The pommel of the sword is a simple blackened steel end cap.