Munetoshi Sword

We are proud to present the Munetoshi Sword Line. Each sword style from this line has been performance tested and inspected for quality in our facility. We are confident about the quality of the Munetoshi line and back every sword with a 30-day guarantee*. Buy with confidence.

*Guaranteed valid through normal, traditional use of the sword and is not applicable to stress testing or any other extreme use of this product. Any form of abuse will void said warranty. For warranty information, click here.

Yuki Series : The Yuki Series consists of our light weight cutters. These swords are fast and precise, appropriate for light tameshigiri.

Iaito Series: Our Iaito Series is made up of our un-edged swords created for practice.

Take Series : The Take Series are our most versatile swords and are engineered for medium to heavy tameshigiri.

Yama Series : The Yama Series is constructed to take on heavy tameshigiri. These swords are our most durable cutters.

Competition Series : The Competition Series consists of swords specially designed for performance by Jake of the Cutting Mechanics.


Musashi Crane Samurai Katana Sword Sharp

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The Crane has been an animal of great myth from most major cultures of the world. Their myth and legend appears in ancient Egypt, Siberia, Japan, China, Korea and Arabia. In China the Crane carries Taoist sages between Heaven and Earth. In Greek legend...

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Musashi Golden Orchid Katana

$59.99 $49.95

The Orchid has always had a very strong relation to the Samurai. At one time, anyone who was not of the Bushi class was forbidden under penalty of death to own or cultivate orchids. However, the orchid was even more than this to the Samurai. The Orchid...

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