Authentic Swords for Sale

Whether the need is for a sword for martial-arts competitions, a distinctive decorative item or a cosplay accessory, shoppers can find a wide variety of authentic Japanese swords for sale. Choose from swords with traditional musashi swords, fantasy swords, roman short swords, iaito swords, rapiers,pirate swords or many other types. Buy a Korean sword, a foam sword for safe play or a forge-folded handmade Chinese Jian.

One popular category covers Japanese swords. A Samurai sword set typically includes three matching blades, Katana, wakizashi and tanto, and some sets include multi tier display sword stand. The site also carries a selection of functional swords, including not only razor sharp cutting swords, but also unsharpened iaito training swords and battle ready SCA swords.

Shoppers can find swords representing virtually every region, including the Europe,Middle East and Asia. Various historical periods are also well-represented, such as the age of pirates, ancient Rome, the Viking age and Medieval age. Wood training swords are also available in a number of different styles.


Musashi Double Bladed Samurai Katana Wakizashi 2 Pc Set

£30.79 £28.36

Specification: Overall Katana Length:38.5' Overall Wakazashi Length:29' Blade Length:27.5' Blade Length:18' Handle Length:10.25' Handle Length:11.25' Blade Material:440 Stainess Steel Blade:Factory Sharpened Condition: Brand New   From the greatest...

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Double Bladed Ninja Short Sword Staff Spear


Overall Length:62.25 " Blade Length:14.75 " Handle Length: 17 " Blade:Slightly Sharp Handle Material: Stainless Steel Blade Material:Stainless Steel Condition:Brand New This is the Double Bladed Ninja Sword, the ultimate weapon of the Ninja. The sword is...

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