Fraternity Sword

39" Fraternal Masonic Sword Templar Knight Freemasonry 2


This is the Masonic Sword with all the ancient secretes and tradition that mark the society of its name. The Masons are one of the oldest known secret societies and have an intriguing history with ties to the templar knights, presidents and kings. The...

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33" Templar Knight of St. John Crusader Masonic Sword


The Knights of St. John are one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilization. The order began around the first crusade to take care of pilgrims in the Holy Land. They are a lay religious Order of chivalry, with military roots and a...

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51" Medieval King Soloman Templar Sword Blue Handle

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The son of Beth-sheba and David (of sling-shot/rock/Goliath fame), Solomon was King of the Hebrews in the 10th century B.C., and his reign lasted the relatively long span of about forty years. He therefore had time to do much for the betterment of his...

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Medieval Century Templar Knight Crusader Sword


The Templar Knights have been shrouded in myth since their beginning almost 900 years ago. Depending on the source, the Knights Templar were Heroes of the Crusade protecting pilgrims along the hazardous road to the Middle East, or they were a violent...

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47" Medieval 12th Century Templar Knight Crusader Sword


"Crusader" sword, this heirloom quality sword is a striking example of beauty and design. The crusader cross cast within the pommel exemplifies the heroism and Christian faith that led Medieval knights through the Crusade wars. Solid wood wall display...

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13" Templar Knights of St. John Sword Historic Dagger


This is the dagger version of the knight of St. John Sword. The dagger is highly ornate with complex symbols through the scabbard and handle. This is a decorative dagger inspired by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.-The blade of the dagger is 440...

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