Fraternity Sword

Medieval Knights of Templar Crusader Short Sword


This is the Brown Wooden Crusader Cross Short Sword. The five crosses came to become the symbol of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The four smaller crosses represent the four books of the Gospel. The five crosses together represent the five wounds inflicted on...

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Angelic Medieval Fantasy Dagger with Ornate Scrollwork


This is the Holy Angelic Medieval Fantasy Dagger with Sheath. The blade of the dagger is 440 Stainless Steel with ornate engraving on the blade and scabbard. The dagger comes slightly sharp with a very sharp point.Blade: The blade of the dagger is 440...

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Masonic Knight's Templar Ceremonial Sword Antiqued


This is the Masonic Knight's Templar Ceremonial Sword White Handle Antiqued. The blade of the sword is 440 stainless steel with slightly sharpened edges and a very sharp point. A ridge runs down the center of the blade to a long Ricasso.Attributes of the...

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39" Fraternal Masonic Sword Templar Knight Freemasonry 1


This is the Masonic Sword with all the ancient secretes and tradition that mark the society of its name. The Masons are one of the oldest known secret societies and have an intriguing history with ties to the templar knights, presidents and kings. The...

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Robin Hood Sword With Sheath Medieval Crusader Knight


Robin Hood is perhaps the most beloved outlaw as well as one of those unsolved mysteries of folk lore. Was Robin Hood a real person. Robin Hood legends began as early as the 1300's in ballads, one specifically was about King Edward meeting an outlaw and...

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