Musashi Sword

This is a collection of Musashi brand Swords that are functional swords made of carbon steel and is among the most affordable sword brands we carry.

Black Handmade Musashi Folded Katana Samurai Sword


Specifications:Overall Length: 40.75" Nagasa Length: 28.75" (from tsuba)Tsuka Length: 11.5"Balance Point: 4.75"Weight W/O Saya: 2lbs 13ozLamination: Folded SteelBlade: SharpBlade Material: Differentially Hardened 1045/1065 SteelFittings:...

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CAS Hanwei

Musashi XL Light Katana by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

$1,403.06 $1,033.80

The Musashi XL Light Katana provides a cutting sword that is economical yet authentic. Designed for quicker cuts in heavier targets, these Musashi XL Lights feature genuine Same (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a tightly-woven leather Tsuka-Ito. The long...

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