Historic Dagger

We carry a variety of medieval historic daggers. These are excellent display pieces and range from ornate pieces to simpler utilitarian mounts.

CAS Hanwei

Hammer Head Dagger - 15th C English by GDFB

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Medieval Dagger in the 15th Century style This single edge 15th C style dagger is a replica of a hammer head pommel dagger now at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. It features a high carbon tempered blade and mild steel guard and pommel. A handmade leather...

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16" Renaissance Stiletto Dagger Short Sword with Sheath


The Stiletto first came into popularity during the Renaissance as a defense against heavily armored knights. The thinness and three sided design of the blade allowed it to easily slip through chain mail and the gaps in plate armor. In the latter...

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Mason Knights of Templar Knights Sword Historic Dagger 1


This is the Masonic Ceremonial Dagger. The dagger is highly ornate with complex symbols through the scabbard and handle. -The blade of the dagger is 440 Stainless Steel with a slightly sharpened edge and a sharp point. -The handle is white plastic with...

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