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If you have come looking for the ultimate collection of Japanese samurai swords for sale, you are in the right place. Here, you can find everything your inner samurai desires from the 47 Ronin handmade katana samurai sword to wooden practice swords, so you can master your sword fighting skills. We offer decoration Japanese katana swords and samurai sword sets for everyone.

CAS Hanwei

Practical Iaito by Paul Chen / Hanwei

$375.00 $269.98

Specifications Overall: 38 ½" Blade Length: 27" Handle Length: 10 ½" Weight: 1lb 13oz Point of Balance: 5 1/2" Width at Guard: 1.27" Width at Tip: .99" Thickness at Guard: .25" Thickness at Tip: .15" Sori: 3/4" Overall: 39 ½"...

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Dragon King

43" Dragon King Savior Katana Clay Tempered T10 HRC60 Sword

$879.00 $483.98

The Savior Katana by Dragon King embodies the power of the Kami (guardian spirit) throughout the entire motif. From the fuchi-kashira, menuki, fuchia and to the tsuba, our artisans convey this ancient theme beautifully without being gaudy or pretentious...

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