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Medieval weapons and armory in the Middle Ages are a class of their own. Medieval men-at-arms held weapons according to their status and position determined by the feudal system. Styles of warfare require different weapons hence, medieval weapons ranged from very simple tools like clubs and spears to battle axes, daggers and swords. If you are looking for the same medieval weapons and armory, we carry a wide selection of items ranging from Long Swords, Crusader themed swords, Claymore Swords, to kits shield and full suits of plate armor. At SwordnArmory, we bring to you medieval helmets and swords at great prices.

Check out our huge collection of medieval helmets for sale. You can choose from light chain mail armor helmets to heavy ones depending on the look you want to display. In addition, we also have medieval swords for sale. With a genuine appearance of real medieval swords, our medieval weapons and armor boasts fine detail, excellent craftsmanship and authentic design. Find this selection and more at

Medieval El Cid Shield Knight Armor Steel With Cross


This shield is a replica of the famous shield used by El Cid. El Cid was a great warrior of the struggle between Christianity and Islam in Spain during the invasion o the Moores. El Cid was a warrior who fought on both sides of the war and finally...

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Synthetic Leather Medieval Arming Cap Helmet Padding


This is the Synthetic Leather Medieval Arming Cap Helmet. This arming cap is made to be worn under steel helmets to provide comfort and additional protection. This arming cap is made to be worn under steel helmets to provide comfort and additional...

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Medieval Norman Knight Kite Shield Saxon King Arthur


The Kite Shield first made its appearance during the 10th century. The Kite Shield was the logical evolution from the round shield carried by the Saxons. The round shield was adequate to protect one side of the warriors body, but was inefficient to cover...

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