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CAS Hanwei

*Maru Renshu Katana - No Hi by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

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Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei Samurai Sword - through hardened 5160 spring steel This Maru Renshu Katana features a through hardened 5160 steel blade in the Shinogi Zukuri style with no groove (hi). CAS Hanwei's Renshu Series of samurai swords combines robust...

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Daimyo Handmade Japansese Samurai Katana Sword Sharp


Oda Nobunaga was one of the most ambitious, organized and brutal rulers in the history of Japan. Born into the Oda clan he was considered mad and a fool from an early age, but after he secured his position of power in his clan, and then in Japan, he was...

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Damascus Steel Dragon Late Edo Period Katana Sword

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The Edo period was marked by the stability of Japan brought by the Tokugawa government. The Samurai's role from warriors to peace keepers further progressed in this period. Although there was still conflict during the 200 years of the period, it was...

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Hand Made Blackened Carbon Steel Pudao Blade


The Pudao was the Chinese infantry's solution to mounted attacks. The massive blade and long handle of the Pudao was able to cleave through the legs of a horse, thus giving the Pudao its name of the "Horse Cutter." In the hands of a trained Martial...

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