Throughout history, knives have been made in a great variety of styles and sizes. Large folding knives, for example, may be up to seven inches in length and designed for camping, utility work or military operations. A throwing knife may be as short as six inches or as long as nine inches; these are normally sold in sets ranging from two to 12 pieces.

Some overlap in terminology is common among knife enthusiasts. For example, when seeking a machete knife for sale, some shoppers might find it listed as a tactical fixed blade knife. Similarly, the spring assisted opening may be linked to switchblade for sale.

One of the most diverse categories is that of fixed blade knives. Within this category, shoppers will typically find commando knives, machetes, Bowie knives, bayonets and hunting knives. The group can also include fantasy knives, such as knives with unusual shapes or replicas from popular fantasy films. Most fixed blade knives come with sheaths that are designed to enhance and protect the knife, and sheaths are usually equipped with belt loops or clips.

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