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Fantasy Swords & Weapons

The category of fantasy swords and weapons includes daggers, swords, machetes and battle-axes as well as decorative items, such as Military gun replica, novelty gift, samurai armour, fantasy walking canes and letter openers. Some items are tied to anime or video games, such as "The Legend of Zelda and Bleach" while others are replicas from movies, such as "spartan shield , helmet and sword" from "300 Movie". Anime cosplay swords also include historical replicas, so it is easy to find a Knights Templar sword, for example, or a medieval dirk.

For some, the best fantasy swords are those that incorporate mythical elements. Many swords feature dragons, but others include stylized versions of animals such as wolves, snakes or eagles. Other swords may include gothic skulls, demons or sea monsters. Certain models include a display stand.

Shoppers seeking anime swords for sale can find many that replicate the weapons carried by their favorite characters. Such weapons can be used for display pieces or carried as part of a costume. Anime cosplay swords normally have steel blades, but some models are available in wood or foam.