Military Collection

This is our military collection of knives, replica guns, and helmets.


WWI German Helmet M16 18 Gauge Steel W/ Leather Liner

$119.98 $109.98

In 1916 the M1916 steel helmet was introduced to the Imperial German Army replacing the Pickelhaube. From 1842 until 1916 the Pickelhaube was the standard helmet of the German Empire. However, the boiled leather construction of the Pickelhaube and metal...

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1688 Pirate Gun Flint Lock Blunderbuss Replica Pistol

$14.98 $9.98

This is a replica of the Pirate Flint Lock Blunderbuss Pistol. Please Note: This Pistol DOES NOT FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE, NOR CAN IT BE EQUIPED TO FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE. This item is in 100% compliance with Federal Laws and Ebay Rules. This is...

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