Viking Sword

"Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can't feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight." - The Havamal (Viking Book of Wisdom)

Viking Style Swords and Viking Axe

Interested in owning Medieval Spatha swords or replicas straight out of Viking history? Our Viking collection is great for cosplay, LARPers, collectors, or SCA enthusiasts. Made out of durable, long-lasting materials, these will make an impressive addition to any collection.

27.5" Viking Medieval Practice Wooden War hammer Waster


This is the Medieval Practice Wooden Warhammer. The haft has been constructed from solid oak. Imitation black leather has been fastened to the upper portion of the haft. The head of the hammer has been constructed from wood. The warhammer has been...

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CAS Hanwei

Trondheim Viking by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

$850.00 $599.98

CAS Hanwei continues to push the envelope with its forging capability in the Trondheim sword, Paul Chen produced this as a one piece forging in pattern-welded high-carbon steel. Patterned after swords that have been discovered in the area around...

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Viking NorseWarrior Spatha Arming Medieval Battle Sword


Viking Norse Warriors Spatha Arming Battle Sword This Viking sword was different from its predecessors. The Spatha and Dark Age swords were primarily cut and thrust swords. This sword was created with a more sever taper at the point allowing for more...

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