Handmade Tanto

The tanto is a Japanese style dagger that can be worn as a companion sword to the katana instead of a wakizashi. Tanto can come in many different blade forms and mounts, either in streamlined shirasaya style or full mounts. These handmade tanto are fully functional and sharp.

CAS Hanwei

Practical Plus Tanto by Paul Chen / Hanwei

$265.00 $194.98

Specifications Overall: 16 1/2" Blade Length: 11" Handle Length: 4 1/4" Weight: 13oz Point of Balance: 1 1/2" Width at Guard: 1.10" Thickness at Guard: .21" Sori: 1/4" Blade Steel: 1566 Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece. Product Details Key...

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CAS Hanwei

Raptor Tanto by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

$275.00 $198.98

While the Wakizashi and Tanto of the Raptor series provide matching pieces for any of the Raptor katanas, they are in their own right designed as very effective cutting tools. Made in the blade style of James Williams’ personal Nami Ryu swords, these...

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CAS Hanwei

Practical Tanto by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

$150.00 $106.98

The ever-popular Practical Katana (SH1070), Wakizashi (SH2061) and Tanto (SH2254) samurai swords from CAS Hanwei give the martial artist the opportunity to own and use a CAS Hanwei sword at the cost of an economy sword. The blades are forged and...

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CAS Hanwei

Great Wave Tanto by Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei

$525.00 $374.98

The Great Wave Tanto from Paul Chen of CAS Hanwei displays the Tomoe motif used frequenly for family crests and shrine decoration. The koshirae are crafted in blackened iron and feature the Tomoe mon. The blade is hand-forged from T10 high-carbon...

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Imperial Tanto by Citadel


Limited Edition Imperial Tanto Each knife is signed by the smith on the nakago with the sword number, limited to just 30 tantos before the model is retired. Click here to read about how these high quality samurai swords are made. The matching Tanto for...