Iaito Sword

The unsharpened iaito sword is an indispensable training tool when training in the art of Iaido. Our collection of iaito are unsharpened and are made in a variety of materials from carbon steel or stainless steel, to aluminum alloy. They also come in a variety of blade lengths to suit different heights.

CAS Hanwei

Practical Iaito by Paul Chen / Hanwei

$375.00 $269.98

Specifications Overall: 38 ½" Blade Length: 27" Handle Length: 10 ½" Weight: 1lb 13oz Point of Balance: 5 1/2" Width at Guard: 1.27" Width at Tip: .99" Thickness at Guard: .25" Thickness at Tip: .15" Sori: 3/4" Overall: 39 ½"...

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