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Wooden Practice Swords

One challenge that has been faced by those training in the martial arts is how to safely replicate the "feel" of weapons while practicing moves. Items such as wooden practice swords are a good alternative for training, but they also make excellent props for the stage or to complete a costume for role-playing or re-enactments. Wooden swords are offered in a number of styles, including the Roman gladius, Tai Chi practice swords and medieval long swords. For desiring to learn how to wield a katana, a bokken practice sword is the traditional training tool of choice.

A bo staff is used for training in a variety of disciplines, including karate, kung fu and other martial arts. Staffs are available in lengths of four, five and six feet and in materials ranging from rattan to hardwood although not all lengths and styles are available in all woods.

As martial arts practitioners and fans of Bruce Lee movies know, nunchuks can be a formidable weapon in the hands of a trained opponent. Foam-padded nunchuks, or nunchacku, make it easier to learn how to use the weapon -- or defend against it. Foam-padded nunchacku for sale vary in length from nine inches to as much as 28 inches. Some styles feature a nylon rope, while others have a fixed or swivel steel chain.


Musashi 29" Tactical Wakizashi DH 1060 Steel Short Sword


Musashi Brand 29" Tactical Sword DH 1060 Steel Wakizashi This is the 29" Musashi Brand Tactical Wakizashi DH 1060 Carbon Steel Short Sword. This is a western, modernized take of the Samurai short sword. Featuring a thermally stable polymer handle with...

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39 " Katana Wooden Bokken Practice Sword Kendo


The Bokken is a practice weapon for the Japanese sword arts. This weapon was used primarily for sparring and kata training. However, a bokken itself is quite an effective weapon on its own. In the hands of an experienced kendo master a bokken can be just...

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40" Kendo Wooden Bokken Practice Samurai Sword Katana

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The bokken is typically used as a training tool for learning Kendo, Iaido or Kenjutsu training. The bokken is constructed as a wooden imitation of a katana, although the bokken typically has a better balance than most swords found on the market today...

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