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This is our collection of fantasy and military novelty swords and merchandise.

Roronoa Zolo Anime Sword Cosplay Samurai Replica


This is the Roronoa Zolo Anime Sword. The blade of the sword has a two tone finish with black over stainless steel. The guard is made of steel with a trade mark Roronoa Zolo design. The handle of the sword features black imitation ray skin wrap with a...

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35 " Spider Fantasy Walking Stick Gentleman Steel Cane


This is the 35 " Plexiglass Head Spider Walking Stick Steel Cane YL. The cane shaft has been constructed from steel with a black glossy finish. The cane features two steel fittings. The head of the cane is Plexiglass with spiders. This cane is not a...

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Alien Warrior Fantasy Battle Axe With Dagger & Plaque

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This the Fantasy Alien Skull Battle Axe. The Axe is a perfect display piece with a surprising good balance. The back of the Aliens' head detaches to become a savage one handed dagger. The amount of blades on this Axe makes it a formidable-looking weapon,...

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