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This is our collection of fantasy and military novelty swords and merchandise.

29.75" Double Blade Dagger Sword with Crystal Ball Claw


If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and something very unique, you have reached the right dagger! Here is our fantasy dagger. Fantasy daggers are a perfect addition to your medieval collection of weaponry. This fantasy dagger has unique...

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18" Nautical Ship Steering Wheel


18" Nautical Ship Steering Wheel   The Hampton Nautical Wooden Black Pirate Ship's Wheel 18" is by far the highest quality ship wheels available. Made from rare, high quality Shisham wood imported from India, a hardwood similar to teak that is...

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5" Black Rubber Training 4 Points Star


A perfect star for beginners or cosplay enthusiasts alike! Made from soft foam rubber this star comes complete with carrying pouch. Four point star with five inch diameter.       Individual star  4 points Diameter is 5' Pouch is...

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Rocking Reaper Full Band Statue W/ Dagger & Bowl

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The Reapers Rock out out with Guitarist, Singer, and Drummer. A 440 Stainless Steel Dagger rests between the band.The Reaper has been constructed from Poly Resin with extreme attention given to detail. The Reapers Rock out out with Guitarist, Singer, and...

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Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope


This is the Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope. Constructed from black stainless steel. Able to assembled in seconds. Includes a 33 foot nylon black rope. Able to be used functionally.-Constructed from black stainless steel. -Able to...

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Fantasy Iron Reaver Skull Claw Finger Blade


This is the Iron Reaver Skull Claw Finger Armor Blade. The Claw has been made from cast metal with riveted joints. A viscous skull has been cast at the top of the claw. The blade is 440 Stainless Steel and comes slightly sharpened. -The Claw has been...

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WWI German Helmet M16 18 Gauge Steel W/ Leather Liner

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In 1916 the M1916 steel helmet was introduced to the Imperial German Army replacing the Pickelhaube. From 1842 until 1916 the Pickelhaube was the standard helmet of the German Empire. However, the boiled leather construction of the Pickelhaube and metal...

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