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This is our collection of fantasy and military novelty swords and merchandise.

49" Medieval 10th Century King Solomon Sword Red Handle


The son of Beth-sheba and David (of sling-shot/rock/Goliath fame), Solomon was King of the Hebrews in the 10th century B.C., and his reign lasted the relatively long span of about forty years. He therefore had time to do much for the betterment of his...

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38" Set of 2 Foam Padded Skeleton Bone Fantasy Swords LARP

$27.98 $19.98

This is a foam padded Skeleton Sword with hard plastic inner core. This sword is perfect for cosplay and/or costume prop. The sword has superb detail from end to end.-The blade is in the shape of leg bones. -The guard is in the shape of a pelvis. -The...

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36" American Bald Eagle Steel Walking Gentleman's Cane


In the 18th century the cane replaced the sword as an essential part of a gentleman's attire. While the cane was used as a walking stick it could also be used as a sword, or contain hidden compartments for alcohol or a firearm. The great men of the last...

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1688 Pirate Gun Flint Lock Blunderbuss Replica Pistol

$14.98 $9.98

This is a replica of the Pirate Flint Lock Blunderbuss Pistol. Please Note: This Pistol DOES NOT FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE, NOR CAN IT BE EQUIPED TO FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE. This item is in 100% compliance with Federal Laws and Ebay Rules. This is...

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