Historic Dagger

We carry a variety of medieval historic daggers. These are excellent display pieces and range from ornate pieces to simpler utilitarian mounts.

Angelic Medieval Fantasy Dagger W Ornate Scrollwork


This is the Holy Angelic Medieval Fantasy Dagger with Sheath. The blade of the dagger is 440 Stainless Steel with ornate engraving on the blade and scabbard. The dagger comes slightly sharp with a very sharp point.Blade: The blade of the dagger is 440...

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Legend of Robin Hood Dagger With Scabbard


Robin Hood is perhaps the most beloved outlaw as well as one of those unsolved mysteries of folk lore. Was Robin Hood a real person. Robin Hood legends began as early as the 1300's in ballads, one specifically was about King Edward meeting an outlaw and...

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Renaissance Main Gauche Medieval Dagger With Belt Rings


The rapier was originally used to refer to any civilian sword. However, as gunpowder began to take over the battle field the sword became a secondary weapon and was worn by civilians for style. It was during this time in the early Renaissance that the...

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Renaissance Era Main Gauche Fencing Dagger


The Main Gauche first came into being during the Renaissance at the height of the Rapiers' use. It was a dagger created specifically to deflect thrust attacks from swords. The Main Gauche could also be used as a weapon when an opening presented itself...

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