Také Series

There was an entire culture in feudal Japan, centering on the language and symbolism of flowers. Some of those attributes have survived to this day. Bamboo is known for its strength and flexibility and is said to represent strength of character. Through even the worst of storms, trees will be broken and fall, yet bamboo will bend to the ground and not break. Like bamboo, a person must go through hard times and adapt to trying situations but must never break and lose their sense of self or their values. It is this strength of character and flexibility of use that makes our Také swords exceptional. They are of a medium weight with medium to light niku, which makes them perfect for tameshigiri. They perform just as well on light targets as they do on heavier ones. Their koshirae are utilitarian but elegant at the same time, making them just as good for display as they are for use. Také: Strength, function, flexibility.