Yuki Series

“Where is the boy? Hallo! The little lad who bears my sword has tumbled in the snow.” --Shigen. Winter in Japan is cold and quiet. Snow flutters from the sky and covers the trees, turning them into the shapes of giant oni and kami. The kami of winter are somber ones, governing over the passage of time, change and the end of all things. The countryside lies frozen and still awaiting with baited breath for springs’ rebirth. Yuki swords reflect the somberness of winter in their simplistic koshirae and dark colors, cloaking the blade of our light cutter like a discarded haori on newly fallen snow. These swords’ light weight and fantastic balance make them incredibly fast. While they are designed for light cutting, they are also an excellent choice for iaido and kenjutsu, as they are wonderful blades for competition tameshigiri. They are capable of cutting multiple rolled mats with precision and speed. Yuki: grace and agility in a beautiful, simplistic package.

Munetoshi Viper Unokubi 1075 Spring Steel Katana Sword


The Munetoshi Viper has a very unique geometry and is one of the best handling swords we offer. Featuring an Unokubi-zukuri style geometry, there are two bohi (grooves), and about 1/3 up the blade, the geometry changes into a diamond cross section. The...

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