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Mastering the Beautiful Varieties of Bokken

Posted by Sword N Armory on

Anyone interested in Kenjutsu training, or in learning Kendo or laido will appreciate the wide variety of impressive wooden bokken available from our website. With many different selections and styles, we offer people who are fascinated by Japanese martial arts the opportunity to sample different bokken woods and models in order to locate the perfect individual match.

A carved bokken can function as a weapon in the hands of a highly skilled martial arts expert. However, typically, these tools provide students with the opportunity to practice sparring with less danger of causing serious injuries than swords allow. At Swords N Armory, we offer bokken in different shapes at very affordable prices, permitting learners to develop a feel for different ones in order to enhance their level of confidence. Although formed from wood, many bokken display artistically finished surfaces, appealing to people from an aesthetic standpoint. This functional, highly utilitarian practice item remains highly collectible, too.

Some Examples of Different Bokken
Just consider the sharp contrasts between two lovely bokken: the natural wood color 22"Practice Sword Wakizashi Bokken Bokuto Kendo Katana and the slightly longer 38" Daito Wooden Bokken Samurai Practice Sword Katana, constructed from combination wood with natural finish. Different in shape and weight, the first has a 16.5" long blade. It comes with a plastic tsuba and a rubber securing ring. The latter possesses a longer blade of 28" and weighs 1.3 pounds, so it poses a weightier weapon. It also reaches customers with two accessories: a guard and blade collar.

Martial arts students would probably benefit by being able to use both of these kantana imitations, since the contrasts in the length of the blade and the shape of the weapon would permit them to gain experience employing different shaped bokken effectively. The differences in weight would assist a learner in adapting body posture slightly, training muscles to respond to very subtle, important cues. Developing a better appreciation for each of these tools might help students comprehend the most important aspects of bokken from a visual standpoint, also.

Conclusion: Yet More Bokken
The Swords N Armory website offers several other interesting styles of bokken. For instance, the Wakizashi Length Wooden Bokken Practice Single Sword uses a black gloss finish, for a different appearance. However, it offers a blade length of 22.75", a distance intermediate between the other blades.

Many other beautiful examples of bokken appear on our website, some bearing beautifully carved symbols. Students of Japanese martial arts searching for bokken will undoubtedly enjoy perusing the selections in greater detail. By mastering many different types of bokken shapes, a learner demonstrates both versatility and adaptability.

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