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Top Swords for Vampire Slaying

Posted by Sword N Armory on

Vampires are “people” like creatures who feed on human blood and are regarded immortal in most cases. They've the ability to transform into different creatures including folks. Fast speed and outrageous strength are some of their notable characteristics. Every individual searches for the best weapons to help eliminate these creatures but to no avail.

Below are some of the best swords for killing vampires:

Red Tanto Handmade Carbon Steel Samurai Sword with Dragon and Tiger Scabbard New

This is the Handmade Dragon and Tiger Carbon Steel Tanto Samurai Sword Red. The blade of the tanto is carbon steel with a wire brushed hamon. The tanto comes sharpened. The sheath is wooden with a burgundy finish. A scene of a tiger, dragon and falcon decorate the sheath of the sword. Vampire has the same fragile flesh just as normal human beings hence making it possible for this sword to go through them. This sword can perform multiple cuts on both medium and complex targets.

Musashi Golden Orchid Katana

This is one of the most valuable katana swords with extra strength due to the evenly distributed carbon on its blade. This sword is highly portable due to its lightweight and it is long enough to penetrate through the whole vampire’s body and even tear the heart into pieces. The blade is extremely sharp and can penetrate medium, heavy, and light objects. The dull black hardwood on its saya ensures that you do not acquire blisters when using it. Its Tsuba and Tsuka are outstanding. Caution is necessary even when using this excellent weapon as the vampires are extremely fast and sensitive and can finish you within the shortest time possible. The only way to avoid this is to ensure you do not miss the target.

Zombie Gear Demon Bones Tri-Bladed Fantasy Hand Claw

This sword that cut from all edges and is long enough to finish the vampire completely just on one swing. The sword has three sharp steel blades and fits directly into the hands of the user. It does not stain even if it passes through blood and you are 90% sure of success when you use it to kill the vampire.

With swords like these in your corner, vampires don't stand a chance.

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