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Proper Sword Cleaning Techniques

Posted by Sword N Armory on

Owning a sword is a beautiful privilege. Still, your sword’s very powerful and dangerous, and should be treated with the greatest amount of respect possible. Any sword lover knows that these are weapons that demand constant care and attention. In order to keep your sword in its best working condition, you must clean it thoroughly and properly.

Here are a few techniques that demonstrate the proper way to clean your beloved sword.

To begin, maintaining the blade of the sword is vital to its appearance and usefulness. When it first arrives, it’s most likely coated with a layer of grease or oil. This is so that it doesn’t get damaged while it’s being transported. You should clean off this layer of grease or oil with a solvent like a lacquer thinner to avoid trapping oxygen or debris against the blade of your new sword. If this isn't done the blade may rust or become pitted before it is ever even used.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned off the packing oil, you should apply a light layer of silicone spray intended for sword and gun use. You may also choose to wipe down the blade regularly with a gun cloth to prevent the build-up of debris or trapped oxygen.

Maintaining the handle and holster are slightly different. Wooden handles should be dusted off and lightly coated with lemon oil to prevent any cracking. This is especially important if the temperature and humidity fluctuate frequently in your area. Plastic handles simply need occasional wiping to prevent fading. Metal handles should be cared for in the same way as the blade. Leather holsters also need special care. Any leather on your sword or holster need to be treated with paste wax. Any leather should never be packed away or kept in a place with any significant amount of moisture as it'll be absorbed and become moldy.

Lastly, in order to preserve your sword for years to come, avoid touching it with bare hands. In addition to being unsafe, bare hands and skin contact will leave oils that cause rusting and pitting to the weapon. Use gloves or soft materials when handling your sword.

These techniques should help you keep your sword clean while also keeping it durable.

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