Why choosing PROELIA?

1.D2 steel, which is one of the most outstanding knife steels available today. It is a high carbon, high chrome tool steel which is often used for the steel cutting dies in tool and die shops. With 1.5% Carbon, 1% Molybdenum, 12% Chrome, and 1% Vanadium, this air hardening steel (at 60-61Rc.) takes a razor edge, and holds it!

2. After 5 step heat treatment, more toughness in same hardness Relieve stress, Pre-heat / Austenitized, 1st Reheat,Sub-zero,2nd Reheat

3.Using KVT (Kershaw Velocity Technology) bow bearing system, can easy open and close. Without spring but fast then spring asst and more safe for user.

4.G10 handle, it is light weight and gripy. G10 has excellent dielectric loss properties, and great electrical strength.

5.Come with the accessories. Easy maintenance by end user and we offer limited life time warranty